The NDIS have released a new Price Guide for 2019/20

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has released a new price guide for the coming year.

This price guide is effective from 1 July 2019 and these changes will apply to Instacare services.

These new rates only apply at the time of commencing services with Instacare or when changing to a new plan.

As a client of Instacare, there is no need to worry about your allocated budgets covering the increases in NDIS prices. You can continue to purchase all your reasonable and necessary supports. 

It is standard practice to ensure participants are not disadvantaged by these changes, so the 1 July 2019 price limit changes will be accompanied by automatic updates to participant budgets and service bookings. These adjustments will reflect the additional costs that each individual participant will face as a result of the increases in price limits.

Below are the major changes in this new price guide:

You can find the new price guide here.