NDIS Prices Review – What were the outcomes?

Over the past six months, external consultants have been performing a review into the prices set out for services funded by the NDIS.

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) commissioned this independent pricing review last year after mounting criticism that providers could not provide good quality services using the maximum prices set by the NDIA.

The Review assessed the NDIA’s pricing strategy and approach, as well as specific price settings for supports and services that are critical to the Scheme’s market stewardship role and the path to price deregulation.

The report makes 25 recommendations for change and the NDIA have given in-principle support to all recommendations and will implement these over time.

Some of the recommendations include:

• Allowing providers to charge up to 45 minutes for travel to reach participants who live in rural areas. There would be changes to participant plans to cover this cost;
• Paying a higher price to workers who are supporting participants with very complex needs;
• Allowing providers to charge for writing reports if those reports have been requested by the NDIA;
• Allowing providers to recover 90 per cent of their costs if a cancellation is made after 3pm on the day before a booking;
• Changing therapy prices to better reflect different therapy types, and introducing a second tier of pricing for therapy assistants
• More help for participants so they can find providers more easily; and
• Removing the $1000 price cap for therapy supports and aligning the travel policy with the attendant care travel policy.

There is a lot of detail in the report which caters to providers but people with disability and their families mainly care about the quality and availability of services.

The NDIA will be implementing these recommendations over time and we will closely monitor these changes so we can provide the most up to date information to our clients.