How does the NDIS cover buying Assistive Technology and Equipment?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme, or NDIS, helps people living with a disability access funding for particular costs related to their disability.

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology, sometimes abbreviated as AT, includes disability equipment and systems that a person with a disability may use to help access their workplace, home, or community. This may consist of equipment to help mobility, communication, process information, or complete other daily tasks.

The NDIS divides Assistive Technology into four levels—from simple, low-risk services and products to complex solutions. Simple, level one solutions may include non-slip bathmats, doorbells or large print labels. Complex, level four solutions may consist of cochlear implants, implant speech processors, or myoelectric prosthetics.

How does the NDIS cover Assistive Technology?

With NDIS funding, recipients can buy Assistive Technology outright, or arrange access via rental or loan arrangements. An NDIA planner will work with recipients to quote for and include AT requirements in the recipient’s NDIS plan.

Depending on the complexity level of the chosen Assistive Technology, the NDIS recipient may need to undergo an assessment. For level one products that cost little and require minimal support, assessment is not required.

For level two technologies, such as bath seats, ramps, and handrails, NDIS recipients may require an assessment. Your need for evaluation will depend upon the availability of these items and your unique circumstances.

To identify and set up level three AT solutions, such as pressure mattresses and desktop electronic magnification devices, you will require professional support from an experienced assessor. The assessor will help you source appropriate AT solutions and, if necessary, train you in how to use the technology.

Complex AT solutions, or level four technologies, will require specialised and often ongoing support. Your assessor will help you select an appropriate supplier, and in some cases, the NDIA may suggest suitable AT providers.

Generally, NDIS plans also include funding for maintaining, repairing, and replacing Assistive Technology equipment.

Are you looking for guidance?

Are you looking for guidance?

Understanding NDIS funding can be confusing and complicated. For help with managing your own or a family member’s NDIS plan, the plan management team at Instacare is here to help.

We create practical solutions to help you gain full control over your NDIS plan, supports, and any Assistive Technologies you may need.