Instacare offers you a premium plan management solution to maximise your choice and control over your NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) plan and supports.

We do not provide direct care services, so you receive independent support with no conflict of interest towards any service providers.

We offer:

  • Fast payments – we pay your providers within 3 business days*
  • Fast reimbursements – we will reimburse you within 2 business days**
  • An online portal and mobile app which is an easier way to manage your NDIS funding and supports.
* Subject to correct information provided and NDIS processes.
** Simply state ‘Reimbursement’ in the subject field or the body of your email.


Using a plan manager like Instacare is a bit like having your own dedicated NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) funded concierge and accountant – the NDIS adds additional funding to your plan seperate to your therapy and other plan funds.

One of the key advantages of using a plan management provider like Instacare is the ability to use providers that have not registered with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). You may have been using a therapist for years who you know and trust and they do not want the hassle of registering with the NDIA. If you remain agency-managed with the NDIA, you won’t be able to use this provider, this is where appointing a plan manager gives you more choice!

Alleviate the everyday stress of managing your NDIS plan and paying service providers by using Instacare’s specialist NDIS registered plan management services.

We do this by:

Instacare NDIS Plan Management

Taking care of managing supplier payments and communication, so you have more time to yourself

NDIS Support Coordination

Giving you confidence that invoices are processed efficiently and paid on time so your support is continued

NDIS Plan Maneger

Offering you more choice because we can pay any provider – even ones that are not registered with the NDIS

Insta Care

Help you to keep track of your support spending to ensure you don’t exhaust your plan funding over the period

NDIS Support Coordination

Offering you more control as we will notify you of every invoice we process, so you can review and stay informed with your spending.

NDIS Support Coordination

Our service fees are paid by the NDIS – they do not come out of your support budget and are in addition to your funding – so there is no cost to you

Our Plan Management Service also has these added benefits:

We genuinely know you and your story

No more waiting on hold to government call centres, simply call us direct

We handle all the paperwork and store it securely in case of audit.

You are able to change support providers easily

We keep you in control by providing periodic reporting on your plan progress

We use a communication method that suits you


Benefits of different NDIS plan options Instacare Agency
Commonwealth funded - no cost to you
Free access to the InstaApp to keep track of your spending
Help to find and change providers easily
Access to NDIS Registered Providers
Access to non-NDIS Registered Providers
Don't have time to self-manage but you want the flexibilty and control it provides
All your support payment invoices paid for you
All supporting paperwork securely kept for you in case of NDIA audit
Assistance to help keep track of your spending
Not dealing with government call centres in relation to your funding


If you wish for Instacare to help guide you through the NDIS, you need to ensure additional funding is allocated on your plan under the ‘Improved Life Choices’ support category.

You can do this at your very first meeting with your planner or local area coordinator, but you can also do it at a later date – it’s your right to have a plan manager in your plan should you choose!

If your plan has already been established, you can contact your planner or wait until a review is due.

No matter what stage you’re at in your NDIS journey, contact us to discuss your needs and goals. We can explain the plan management process with you and how we can assist in the management of your funding.

We’re making a difference to people with disability by taking care of the administration of their NDIS plans, providing guidance and advice and allowing you to focus on what is really important… living life!

Support Coordination NDIS


We will show you how we can help you with your NDIS plan. Simply contact us.


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