Instacare's Story

Instacare was developed in response to the growing need for a personal, effective NDIS provider for Plan Management. We provide a service where clients have choice and control around their plan, in genuine partnership with the appropriate specialists.

We are known for the passion of our staff supporting people with disability to realise their potential through high quality NDIS consulting services.

Instacare’s story began in 2017. From an idea between two best mates, to one of Australia’s leading providers for Plan Management and Support Coordination.

In 2024, we ceased our Support Coordination Service to focus on Plan Management and the growth of our Instacare Shop. 

Our vision was always to improve the lives of more people living with disability and their families, and to this day, we stay true to this. 

Our Core Values

 We are dedicated to improving the lives of people living with disability and their families. These are five ‘IN’s of Instacare—integral to everything we do.

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We provide flexible services when and where people want them, recognise and value diversity and tailor our approach
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We have built a connected, supportive and fulfilling working environment that enables our staff to grow and develop as client partners, leaders and people.
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We provide an innovative, efficient service delivery model that uses technology and empowers staff.
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We work in partnership with our customers to deliver outstanding, high quality, outcomes driven NDIS services that improve people’s quality of life and help them realise their potential.
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We do not provide direct care services, meaning you get independent support to manage your plan. There is no conflict of interest.

Our Certifications

Have confidence that your NDIS plan is managed ethically and responsibly with one of Australia’s leading NDIS providers for Plan Management.