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Instacare Plan Management

Instacare offers you a premium plan management solution to maximise your choice and control over your NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) plan and supports.

We do not provide direct care services, so you receive independent support with no conflict of interest towards any service providers.

Instacare offers:

  • Fast payments – we pay your providers within 3 business days*
  • Fast reimbursements – we will reimburse you within 2 business days**
  • An online portal and mobile app which is an easier way to manage your NDIS funding and supports.

Why Instacare?

We Manage Your Plan

We take care of managing supplier payments and communication, so you have more time to yourself

Support Coordination

Process Invoices for You

We give you confidence that invoices are
processed efficiently and paid on time so
your supports are continued

More Choices for You

We offer you more choice because we
can pay any provider… even ones that
are not registered with the NDIS

NDIS Price Guide 2020

Track Your Spending

We help you to keep track of your support
spending to ensure you don’t exhaust your plan funding over the period

Keeping You Informed

We offer you more control as we will notify you of every invoice we process, so you can review and stay informed with your spending

No Cost to You

Our service fees are paid by the NDIS – they do not come out of your support budget and are in addition to your funding – so there is no cost to you

Our Added Benefits

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We’re making a difference to people with disability by partnering and providing guidance on the best use of your NDIS support funding and allowing you to focus on what is really important… living life!

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