What is the difference between registered and non-registered NDIS providers?

If you’re new to the NDIS or are thinking about changing providers, then you may be wondering about terms like ‘registered’ and ‘non-registered’. 

What do those terms mean? What’s the difference between the two types of providers? And which should you choose?

What is an NDIS provider? 

An NDIS provider is an individual or organisation that delivers supports or services to NDIS participants. 

Every NDIS Plan is different because it reflects the particular needs of a unique person (that’s you!). Your plan may include a range of supports to help you meet your goals. 

You might need help with:

  • Household tasks
  • Personal care
  • Transport
  • Workplace support. 

The NDIS is designed to give you choice and control over who provides those services to you. You might prefer a large organisation that offers a wide range of services or a small one with a more personal touch. 

That’s your call. In some cases, you can choose any provider you want. In other cases, you must choose an NDIS registered provider. So what’s the difference? And what governs your choice?

What does it mean to be a registered vs unregistered NDIS provider? 

Some providers have applied to be registered with the NDIS. To gain this registration, they’ve had to prove to the NDIS Quality and Safety Commission that they meet strict quality and safety standards. Registered providers can also offer plan management services.  

Gaining registration can be a daunting process which is why some organisations choose not to do it. Smaller organisations, in particular, may not have the time or resources to go through the registration process. 

Unregistered providers may be just as caring and capable as non-registered providers. They may meet or even exceed the NDIS standards. They may be great. 

But you don’t know for sure until you try them out. A registered provider has had to prove themselves to an independent government agency. An unregistered provider has chosen not to do that.

Can you still use non-registered providers? 

You may prefer a non-registered provider because you’ve been working with them for a long time or because they offer a particular service that suits you well. 

Whether you can use a non-registered provider depends on how you manage your NDIS funds.

Who manages your NDIS funds?Who can you choose as a provider?
The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)NDIS registered providers only
A Plan Manager (like us)NDIS registered providers and non-registered providers
You do (self-managed)NDIS registered providers and non-registered providers

If you’re limited to registered providers but your preferred provider is unregistered, then consider encouraging them to start the registration process.

How can Instacare help? 

We are a registered NDIS Provider of both support coordination and plan management. We’re experienced in dealing with the NDIS and ensuring that you get the most benefit from your funds.

If you’ve appointed us as your Plan Manager, then you can use both registered and non-registered NDIS providers for your categories of funding that we manage. That gives you an extensive choice of providers. 

We make it easy for you to understand where your money is going through our InstaAPP. It means you can keep track of your NDIS plan, budget and supports from your phone or tablet. 

If you’d like to learn how Instacare can support you in your NDIS journey, then please contact us.