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Does my NDIS plan cover the cost of cleaning and gardening services?

The NDIS is a scheme brought in by the Australian government that allows disabled people to access funding to improve their lives and promote independence. There are many questions that have been raised regarding what the NDIS plan can actually be spent on. One of these is whether the NDIS plan covers the cost of gardening and cleaning services.

What does the NDIS plan cover?

If you receive an NDIS plan, you can choose to purchase a variety of supports based on your individual requirements. These types of support may include daily personal activities such as the cost of a carer. It can also be used to purchase transport to allow you to participate in social and community activities.

NDIS plan can be spent on workplace help to ensure that you maintain or gain new employment. It can be used to purchase therapeutic supports, home modifications and mobility equipment.

Does this include gardening and cleaning?

If your disability makes it difficult or impossible for you to maintain your home environment, then you are able to use your NDIS plan to purchase gardening and cleaning services. You can choose how often you need the service to be done. Cleaning and gardening help can allow you to go about your daily life and increase your independence.

What does the NDIS plan not cover?

The NDIS plan is there to allow you to purchase support that will improve your daily life and activities. However, there are certain supports that will not be funded by the NDIS and will therefore have to be self-funded. The NDIS cannot fund support that is the responsibility of a different government system. It can also not fund support that is not related to your disability, or that relates to day-to-day living costs that aren’t associated with your support needs. Also, it does not cover any support which could cause harm to you or others.

If you need guidance with selecting the right gardening and cleaning providers, then a managed NDIS plan may be best for you. With this option, your plan manager can select NDIS approved service providers to help you to maintain your home.

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