NDIS core supports: What are they?

The NDIS comes with its own terminology and it can take a while to learn the lingo. To help you get there, we’re going to explain the meaning of one common NDIS term: core supports.

What are ‘supports’? 

According to the NDIS, supports are, ‘Things to help a person undertake daily life activities and enable them to participate in the community and pursue their goals.’

Each person with disability has their own individual needs, interests and goals. Your NDIS Plan will be uniquely yours, featuring the supports you need to pursue your goals. 

What services do they provide? 

The NDIS funds supports such as:

  • Daily personal activities
  • Transport to help you get to work, school, community activities or medical appointments
  • Help to get or keep a job in the open or supported labour market
  • Therapeutic supports including behaviour support
  • Help with household tasks so you can maintain a nice home
  • Professional help in assessing, setting up and training you in the use of aids or equipment 
  • Home modification design and construction
  • Mobility equipment 
  • Vehicle modifications.

There are three types of supports funded by the NDIS. These are: 

  • Core supports – a flexible budget for everyday needs relating to your disability
  • Capacity building supports – a budget to help you develop skills or behaviours that give you a richer, more engaged life
  • Capital supports – for home and vehicle modifications or assistive technology.

The NDIS won’t fund supports that are: 

  • The responsibility of a different government agency or community service
  • Not related to your disability
  • Part of day-to-day living costs that aren’t related to your support needs
  • Likely to be harmful to you or pose a risk to others. 

What are core supports?

Some providers may have a wait time before they can commence services. If you’re looking for help with Your core support budget is a key part of your NDIS Plan. There are four types of core supports:

  1. Consumables – everyday items relating to your disability such as continence aids, low-cost assistive technology or equipment to improve your mobility or independence.
  2. Daily activities – you might need help getting showered or dressed or making a meal or cleaning the house
  3. Social and community participation assistance – support to help you take part in social or leisure activities
  4. Transport – help getting to where you need to be if you can’t use public transport due to your disability.

There are some rules governing your core support budget (particularly regarding transport) but there is flexibility too. You can often use funds allocated against one type of core support to pay for another type of core support if your needs change.

For example, you might find that, after 6 months of help preparing meals, you’ve developed skills that enable you to do more cooking for yourself. You might decide to have less support at mealtimes and put the money towards attending a weekly art class. 

Your NDIS Plan Manager can help you explore your options.

How can Instacare help? 

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Support Coordination 

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