Plan Management

Advantages of NDIS Plan Management

Everyone is different, but electing to use a plan management provider will provide you with the best of agency-managed and self-managed methods in one service. 

The NDIS funds the use of a plan management provider and adds additional funds into your plan to cover this cost.  Using a plan management provider provides you with the greatest level of choice and the greatest level of support – the reasons why the NDIS was started in the first place!
Working with Instacare is a bit like having an accountant. You’ll make all the choices about your service providers and procure the service but the plan management provider will take care of the financial complexities and administration.
Choosing a professional plan management provider like Instacare is like having the best of both worlds. It offers pretty much the same advantages as being Self-Managed without the disadvantages and the NDIS adds extra funding in your plan specifically to cover the cost of have your own NDIS funded accountant. You get the same freedoms of choice that the self-management option offers you without having to get involved in all the messy financial administration and you’ll have support when you need it.
One of the key advantages is the ability to use providers that have not registered with the NDIA. A common example of this is where you might regularly use a therapist who is a sole trader, a cleaner or even an interpreter who doesn’t want the hassle of the NDIA registration process. You can’t use this type of provider if you leave your funds management with the NDIA.
In your planning meeting with the NDIA (or LAC) the default management option is being managed by the NDIA,  so if you want your own dedicated plan manager you will need to exercise your right and advise your planner to include plan management in your NDIS plan.

Plan Management Advantages:

  • Stress free and easy
  • You maintain the freedoms of choice and control
  • All paperwork and record-keeping is completed by the plan manager in case of NDIA audit
  • There are fees involved but the NDIS will cover them in addition to your plan and they do not eat into your therapy or any other plan funding
  • No out of pocket costs for you

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