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Using NDIS Non-Registered Providers

There are two types of providers under the National Disability Insurance Scheme – Registered Providers and Non-Registered Providers.

There are two types of providers under the National Disability Insurance Scheme – Registered Providers and Non-Registered Providers.

It is important to identify which providers you currently use and wish to continue to use because you may not be able to under the NDIS unless the correct plan management method is chosen at your first planning meeting.

Registered vs Non-Registered Providers – what’s the difference?

Service providers may be “Registered Providers of Supports” under Sections 69 – 73 of the NDIS Act. This means they are registered under the Act as providers of particular supports to participants.

Registered Providers have to adhere to a set of rules which are quite broad and include such things as:

  • Compliance with workplace health and safety laws;
  • Compliance with all other laws relevant to what they do;
  • That the provider has the experience, qualifications and skill to provide the support they intend to provide;
  • Mechanisms for dealing with any conflicts of interest that might arise if the same provider is managing the funds of the person with the disability as well as providing them with other support.

There are many providers who do not wish to become an NDIS Registered Provider for various reasons, like cleaners, interpreters and therapists who are disability customer numbers are low in comparison to their non-disability customer base.

Do I have to use NDIS Registered Providers?

Of course, you don’t, you may have been using a provider for years who you are comfortable with and trust. Choosing the correct plan management method in your first planning meeting will ensure you can continue seeing this provider if funding is provided in your plan. The main differences are below:

NDIS Managed Plan: Restricted – Can only use NDIS Registered Providers.

Plan Management Provider: Not Restricted – you can use anyone.

Self Management of Plan: Not Restricted – you can use anyone.

Using a plan manager like Instacare gives you the opportunity to purchase supports from suppliers that have not registered with the NDIS without the burden of paperwork. This can include any type of support provided if these supports have been incorporated in your NDIS Plan.

In your discussion with the NDIS, ensure you tell them that you wish to continue using non-registered providers.

Why use Instacare as your plan manager?

We do not provide direct care services, so we are independent with no conflict of interest – ensuring you can get the right advice every time! Contact us today and we will help you with your NDIS plan management.