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What you need for your NDIS planning meeting

When it’s time for your NDIS planning meeting, it’s important to be prepared. Your planner will ask you several questions about your circumstances, your goals, and your abilities. The purpose of these questions is to help your planner tailor your plan to suit your unique needs.

Your meeting may take place in person or over the phone. Either way, you’ll need to provide some essential details and complete a planning meeting checklist before starting the meeting.

1. You may bring someone with you

If you’d like, you may bring a support person or people with you to your planning meeting. This person can help answer questions or provide moral support. Your support person could be a friend, family member, an advocate, or your existing service provider. If you’d prefer, you can attend the meeting on your own.

2. Prepare a list of NDIS goals

Before your meeting, prepare a list of goals you hope to achieve via your NDIS plan. During your meeting, your planner will ask questions about goals you hope to achieve in your social, physical, communal, daily life and how NDIS can help you with your employment

If you require a specific support, it needs to relate to one of your set goals.

If a support will help you meet one or more of your goals, the NDIS may fund it.

3. Summarise your existing supports and activities

Prior to your planning meeting, you’ll need to prepare a summary of your current activities and supports. Think about your daily tasks and behaviours—not only in school, work, and day programs, but in your everyday life—morning, night, and on weekends. Take note of anything you’d like to change.

Include tasks you do regularly, such as daily exercise, along with non-routine tasks. Remember to include any specific activities you may need support for, like personal care or meals.

4. Bring documentation relating to your supports, life, health, or disability

You’ll need to bring a range of documentation and details, including your:

  • Client Support Plan (CSP)
  • Your lifestyle booklet
  • Letters from the NDIA
  • Your myGov login & password details

Need Extra Help?

If you have any questions about what to bring to your NDIS planning meeting, contact the NDIS specialists at Instacare today.