What is NDIS core support

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was founded with the aim of helping people with disabilities to pursue a fulfilling and successful life. In order for this to happen, beneficiaries of the scheme are provided with what are known as Core Supports, services designed to help people take part in everyday activities and participate in community life. If you’re wondering how to make the most of your NDIS core support, we’ve put together a brief guide below.

What exactly are Core Supports?

Core Supports represent the primary support category and encompass the most vital services available with the NDIS. The services within your core budget are flexible, meaning that you can allocate your funding in line with the types of support items that are most important to you.

Support categories

Core support services are split into four different types including:


With NDIS funds, you can cover some of the costs incurred through purchasing everyday essentials related to your disability such as personal care products, assistive technology, translation education or interpreting services, products for personal safety, assistance animals, and other support tools you may need.

Assistance with daily life

This category covers the cost of hiring a care professional to help supervise or support you with everyday activities, including personal care. This help is designed to give service users a sense of independence and help them to get out of the house. Indeed, it extends beyond home care to support at work, school, university, or simply on days out.


This funding gives service users access to disability outside of the home and covers travel costs incurred for professional or educational reasons. For example, people who are unable to use transport may wish to make the most of this provision to get to school or work, or to access community events.

Assistance with social and community participation

This category is designed to help you engage with people in your local community, make friends, and take part in activities. The support is available in a number of different setting including community centres, schools, and other educational institutions.

What kind of NDIS core support will I receive?

The amount and nature of the core support you receive will depend on your needs, as well as how the support may help you to achieve particular life goals. For example, if you aim to get more involved with your local community, you will probably want to direct most of your funding towards assistance in social and community participation.

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