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Because we care — Karen’s story

We’re giving back to our Insta-community with our Instacare care packages. We’ve sourced beautiful gifts from small local businesses and paying it forward to some of our Instacare family. Some who are doing it extra tough right now.

A small gesture can go a long way for those in need. Follow along as we share the families and businesses we are supporting with our #becausewecare campaign 💙

Karen’s story

Karen has been a full time carer for 31 years. Her children Lachland and Amelia are both with Instacare. Lachland has intellectual impairments, while 21 year old Amelia has a psychosocial disability and severe PTSD.

“Our journey with the NDIS has been a rollercoaster, it has definitely had its ups and downs. The process has been long, complicated, and challenging to navigate. But the greatest gift has been Instacare coming into the picture. Since working with them, things have been much more smooth sailing.”

Journey with Instacare

“I will always remember the day Instacare came into our lives. I was in a state of distress after a horrible experience working with another provider. It was actually our Plan Manager who recommended Instacare. I reached out in a state of desperation, and Tam and Debbie dropped everything to come to my rescue. I was amazed at how incredibly quick and simple the process was. Over a single phone call they walked me through the entire process of singing up. Since that day I have had nothing but amazing experiences with everyone at Instacare. They truly do go above and beyond.”

What gets you through the tough days?

“Some days are harder than others. Some days you’ll find me on the couch, exhausted, with a block of chocolate. But the secret to getting through lies in our support network. We have a small, but incredible team around us. We surround ourselves with people who we trust and can rely on—and Instacare are part of that. It’s refreshing to find people that you just gel with. That get you. People who understand the uniqueness of every case and every family, and are realistic, honest and human.

Receiving Instacare’s care package could not have come at a better time. Not only did it lighten the load of cooking that night, but it was a welcome reminder— a confirmation that said ‘Hey, you’re an incredible mum. We acknowledge what you do. We recognise you & we’re here for you.’ These are the kind of things that encourage me to keep going.”  

Have any questions?

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