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Because we care — Sarah’s story

We’re giving back to our Insta-community with our Instacare care packages. We’ve sourced beautiful gifts from small local businesses and paying it forward to some of our Instacare family. Some who are doing it extra tough right now.

A small gesture can go a long way for those in need. Follow along as we share the families and businesses we are supporting with our #becausewecare campaign 💙 We gifted Sarah Niven and her family a beautiful fruit hamper from F & Tripodi Fruits. Here is Sarah’s story.

Sarah’s Story

Extended lockdowns have been hard for many. But for a single Mum of four high care need children, it has been challenging to say the least.

Sarah is a single mum of two, and has now taken on care of her niece and nephew. Her daughter has hearing impairments and has recently been diagnosed with Pots Syndrome – a rare condition where severe anxiety causes low blood pressure to the brain. While the other three each have their own intellectual disabilities, ranging from ADHD to anxiety.

Sarah says “The kids are so smart, and so resilient. Given everything going on right now, they are doing incredibly well. They are curious, they ask questions, but they really don’t understand why their friends aren’t at school, or why they can go to the park but not play on the playground.”

Staying strong for her family

Sarah grew up without her own parents around. She is determined to give her kids the love and support from a parent that she never had. “I have to keep it together for the kids, I am all they have.”

“Instacare have been amazing, having them as part of our support network definitely makes things easier. I can tell they really do care about my situation and my family, and do everything in their power to help us. I can always reach out to Wendy our Support Coordinator, no matter how big or small my concern may be. She is always helpful and always makes the time for me. Just knowing I have that person I can always call gives me some sort of calm amongst the chaos.”

Finding joy in the small things

At the end of the day, it could be worse. There are so many people suffering right now.

“We’re finding joy in the smallest things, in any way we can. We stay connected to our family and friends with phone calls and on zoom, we do have a support network around us, but there have been times of extreme isolation, for me and the kids. The kids miss their family, they miss playing with their friends, they miss having a classroom full of smiling faces. They’re all so social and they’re finding the separation really, really tough.

Having the Instacare Care Package arrive at our doorstep was one of those amazing little things. It was so special to see the smiles on the kids faces and the excitement in their voices. They were ecstatic, and full of joy—feelings that have been few and far between of late. For a moment it felt like everything was okay. Thank you Instacare for thinking of us, and for putting the biggest smile on my children’s faces.”

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