NDIS Fund Management

Can NDIS assist you to find a job?

Many disabled people feel that their disability can get in the way of them finding and maintaining a job. However, the NDIS plan can actually help you to find and get a new job. The NDIS plan can be spent on work counselling which can help you to engage successfully in employment. You can also use it to pay for assistance with writing resumes and support for before and after job interviews. The NDIS plan can be used to help you find ways to overcome any barriers to employment that you may face.

Maintaining a job with NDIS

As well as helping you to find a job, the NDIS plan can also be used to help you maintain it. NDIS support can include on the job help wherever you need it in the workplace. The funding can pay for building modifications and specialist equipment such as modified desks and computers. You can also use it to purchase transport for work activities or personal supports for when you are at work.

NDIS can Help for school leavers

If you’re a school leaver looking for a job, the NDIS can also help you. The School Leaver Employment Supports is NDIS support that improves your employment opportunities and helps to get you prepared for work. It uses an annual funding model to provide a variety of supports based on your individual needs.

There are some other ways that NDIS can help with your employment journey. It can fund increased social and community participation, which can help to develop your social skills to improve your performance at interviews. If you are unsure on how to find providers that offer these employment-based services, then consider opting for a managed NDIS plan. This means that a plan manager can source NDIS approved providers who can assist with all aspects of job finding and maintaining as mentioned above.

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