How does NDIS funding work?

The NDIS, or the National Disability Insurance Scheme, is the Australian government’s first national scheme designed to assist Australians living with a disability. Via the NDIS, individuals receive direct funding for disability-related needs.

To qualify for NDIS funding, individuals must meet specific eligibility requirements. If a person is eligible to receive funding, they can apply to the scheme by making an Access Request.

Which supports are covered by NDIS funding?

Individuals receiving NDIS support may request funding for:

  • Daily activities
  • Transport to and from community, social, daily life, or economic activities
  • Workplace assistance
  • Therapeutic and behaviour support
  • Household task assistance
  • Equipment assessment, training, and set-up assistance
  • Home modification construction and design
  • Vehicle modifications
  • Mobility equipment

The NDIS cannot fund some supports. These supports include:

  • Supports covered by other community services or government systems
  • Supports unrelated to an individual’s disability
  • Day-to-day living expenses unrelated to an individual’s support needs
  • Supports likely to cause harm or pose a risk

NDIS participants will receive funding based on what is “necessary” and “reasonable” for them to achieve their goals.

Checking for NDIS eligibility

The first step towards receiving NDIS funding is to perform an NDIS eligibility check. To find out if an individual is eligible, they’ll need to:

  • Be aged between seven and 65
  • Live in Australia and hold Australian residency
  • Usually require support because of a permanent, significant disability, or
  • Use special equipment because of a permanent, significant disability, or
  • Require support to reduce future needs

If an individual meets the eligibility criteria, they must make an Access-Request. An Access-Request can be made via phone or by submitting an Access Request Form.

Receiving NDIS payments

Once an individual’s Access Request has been approved, they will become an NDIS participant. There are three ways to receive NDIS funding, depending on whether an individual is a self-managed, plan-managed, or NDIA-managed participant.

Self-managed participants pay providers directly. They must request a receipt from the provider and clear their spending via the “myplace” participant portal.

Plan-managed participants must send invoices directly to their NDIS plan manager. The manager will process the payment on the participant’s behalf.

NDIA registered providers must request payments through the “myplace” portal. They will then receive payments for supports or services provided to NDIA-managed participants.

Need extra help?

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