How NDIS can fund your transport arrangements?

Through the NDIS, participants can receive funding for their transport needs. There are a range of transport supports available to assist participants in their daily lives, including personal transport-related equipment and aids, training to use public transport, and more.

In this article, we’ll discuss how NDIS can fund your transport arrangements and explain how you can access this funding.

What transport supports are covered by the NDIS?

Transport supports covered by the NDIS relate only to the participant’s individual travel—not for families, carers, or support providers. Support providers may, however, claim reasonable travel time when supplying necessary and reasonable home supports, or when accompanying participants to community activities.

Potential transport supports include:

  • Student transport to and from school
  • Private transport, including taxis and innovative transport options for participants who cannot travel independently
  • Public transport costs
  • Public transport training
  • Transport-related equipment and aids
  • Modifications to private vehicles
  • Driver training and assessment

For a support to be deemed reasonable and necessary, it must relate to the participant’s disability. The NDIA will determine this based on its general support criteria.

Transport support funding levels

There are three funding levels for transport supports covered by the NDIS.

1 – Level one participants will receive up to $1,606 per year in transport support funding. These participants should not be employed, attending day programs, or studying, but will be pursuing enhanced community access.

2 – Level two participants who are currently studying part-time (up to 15 hours a week), participating in day programs, or working, will receive up to $2,472 in funding. This funding can be used for other social, leisure, and recreational activities.

3- Level three participants who are currently working, seeking work, or studying (for at least 15 hours a week) will receive up to $3,456 in funding. These participants must be unable to use public transport as a result of their disability.

Participants may receive more funding if they have funded or general supports in their plan enabling their involvement in employment.

How is transport funding paid?

Transport funding is considered a core support. It will be included in a participant’s NDIS plan under Support Category 2, known as Transport Allowance. Every two weeks, the NDIS will pay these funds directly into the participant’s bank account to help them cover transport-related costs.

Need help with NDIS planning?

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