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Judeland Antony’s Story

Judeland Antony was born in 1985. He grew up in Sri Lanka, and for the first 11 year of his life was able to walk. He was struck by a bomb in the Civil War on September 24, 1996. This war gave him a new name: Paraplegic T12. Here’s his story.

The day that changed Judeland Antony’s life forever…

“My name is Judeland. I would like to share my life-changing experience with you which happened during the Civil War in Sri Lanka on September 24 1996. My family and I will never forget that day. It was the night of September 23 1996, there was a fight in the village. Thinking it too dangerous to leave during the night, we stayed until morning. The next day would change my life for good…

Once daylight broke, we decided we had to make a run for safety. I jumped on my bicycle and peddled fast down the road, hearing a strange noise, getting close and closer behind me. The next thing I knew a bomb had exploded, a piece hit me in the lower back – I was in shock! I tried to move but the pain was terrible. I couldn’t move my legs. This war gave me a new name: Paraplegic T12.”

How Judeland Antony lives with disability

Jude was fortunate to move to Australia, which gave him an incredible new lease on life, opening up a new world of opportunity for him. Finding employment was a huge achievement for him—helping to build confidence, independence and an incredible sense of pride.

“It’s been 21 years since my accident. There were times at the start where I wanted to end my life but I’m so glad I didn’t! There are not enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do. I have so many goals to achieve, I love waking up and going for it. I am in wheelchair, but with the determination to never to give up my dream of living a full life, with all of its challenges.”

Being in a wheelchair has helped Judeland achieve dreams that he never thought possible. He leaves us with the suggestion that people with disability are not looking for your sympathy, just please don’t lose your empathy.

Judeland is a big hit on social media with over 222K followers on TikTok and Instagram. He’s spreading messages of strength, positivity and inspiration to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

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