Emma Gee

Who is Emma Gee? – Author of Reinventing Emma

Emma Gee is one of Australia’s most critically acclaimed inspirational speakers due to her unique insight into solutions to person-centred care and resilience. Emma is a stroke survivor with a background in occupational therapy, with personal experience of what it truly takes to take back control of your life and emerge from a period of darkness. Emma has chosen to use her experiences to help others to reach their potential through her engaging and inspiring presentations, captivating people from all over the country.

Emma’s story

At the young age of 24, Emma was an occupational therapist and a keen runner, but months after she had climbed Mount Kinabalu in Borneo, she began developing strange symptoms. She felt weakness and pain in the left side of her body and suffered from a stroke shortly after a complicated operation on her brain. As an occupational therapist that often worked with victims of brain damage, she never imagined she would become one of them.

After nine days of being in a coma after her stroke, Emma finally woke up but was unable to swallow, move or speak. With the knowledge that her future had been completely changed, Emma began to learn how to walk and talk again. Emma’s previous career as a health professional had given her insight on what life would look be like as a patient. Nevertheless, her condition had given her a unique perspective on the importance of resilience and person-centred care. Despite Emma’s life being changed forever, she learned the power of having a positive mindset with a loving support system to take back control of her happiness finally.

Every day, Emma struggles with her reduced mobility, balance and vision, but she has a fantastic network of support behind her and her work as an inspirational speaker has touched the lives of thousands.

Emma’s work – Reinventing Emma

Reinventing Emma Book

Emma’s group of clients is incredibly broad, and she is hired as an inspirational speaker for educational facilities, community organisations, corporate and business events and healthcare facilities such as hospitals and rehabilitation centres.

After experiencing one of Emma’s talks, audiences can expect to be inspired, uplifted and motivated to get back on their feet and move forward. The critical message that Emma would like her audiences to part with is to empower those around you to excel, while setting yourself challenges and grow your perspective to become more resilient. After all, Emma’s favourite phrase is: “It’s not what happens to you that matters; it’s how you choose to deal with it!”

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